The film follows a moment between a young couple reunited after years apart but under quietly tragic circumstances. Starred by Johnny Sachon & Katie Goldfinch.

Winner: Best Cinematography at CFIFF – Changing Face International Film Festival
Winner: Award of Merit One-Reeler Film Festival, LA 2017

– “There is gorgeous cinematography from Beatriz Sastre during Animus, which picks out the isolation of these characters, and how their estrangement is a continuous atmosphere surrounding them” and “A masterclass in dramatic poise” and “an example of near-perfect filmmaking” say UK FILM REVIEW.

– “A terse, tense and incredibly human exchange. And it’s good… It’s really, really good” say CULTURE WAR REPORTERS.

ProducerInspired Pictures DirectorMark J. BlackmanFormatArri Alexa mini, Zeiss Super Speed